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Economic development and urbanisation increase the demand for affordable housing in the world. As an innovative industrialised building system, SISMO® building technology answers the needs of building promoters, architects and contractors to build fast and cost efficiently with high structural quality.


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 SISMO® is universally applicable and not culture bound. The SISMO® building technology can be adapted to every project, from foundations and cellars up to the roof structure. It’s high productivity, it’s brilliant simplicity and modest demand of materials and labour make the SISMO® concept suitable for every socio-economic environment. It increases productivity in industrialized countries and generates a new evolution in economy and industry.  To developing countries, the SISMO® concept offers unlimited possibilities for the optimal use of local skills, labour and raw materials.



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Cost Effective

The SISMO® building system is a cost efficient building method for all parties involved in the building process. Savings from 30% to 60% on project costs are achievable. For the contractor the system is easy to install. The need for specialised labour is heavily reduced. The industrialized process allows efficient planning and an accelerated construction time. There is no need for investing in expensive formwork as the modules arrive on site with the window and door openings already pre-located and every special shape or form already included. The SISMO® modules are lightweight (± 4,5 kg per m² depending on the type of module), therefore there is no need for heavy machinery on site.

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Thinking Green is becoming more and more important in the construction industry as contractors, developers and home builders look for materials that are eco-friendly. The SISMO® Building Technology is addressing these environmental concerns on several levels. The production process is non polluting. Recycled materials can be used for the infill panels and using concrete walls instead of wood products helps cut down on the significant problem of deforestation. Using the SISMO® Building Technology significantly reduces jobsite waste. The insulating qualities reduce energy consumption therefore benefiting the environment.


The SISMO® concept

 SISMO® is a unique concept that offers a combination of:

  • Intelligent Design Method
  • Industrial Production Method
  • Progressive Building Method

The synergy between design methods, engineering and production is aimed at rational and economic construction. 

The SISMO® building system is being used internationally in the residential as well as in industrial, commercial and institutional construction markets.


Today SISMO® already works together with partners around the globe for the production and commercialization of SISMO® building modules in regional markets. At SISMO®, building solid,  lasting relationships with our customers is just as important as building superior projects.

SISMO® combines 20 years of experience in development and application of the SISMO® technology. Ongoing research and development ensures that our products will continue to exceed expectations.

Please take your time to explore our website to learn more about the SISMO® building technology and find out about our solutions for all your building needs.